Additional services

Additional services

Other services (provided by partners)

  • Transfers to/from Irkutsk see how to come here
  • Visa registration at the guesthouse
  • Ship and boat rentals
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Laundry and light repair of clothing
  • Cultural Programme – a meeting can be arranged with Valentin Khagdayev who conducts traditional Buryat ceremonies
  • Pottery masterclasses
  • Souvenirs and postcards
  • Excursions around Khouzhir, visite of Shamanka Rock and the local museum
  • Fishing with locals using rods
  • Shachlyks and smoked fish (depends on availability)
  • Bistro Francais with pies and cakes made to order​

Free services

  • small pharmacy
  • different cultural events (depends on availability)
  • A potty and basin at night for young children
  • Use of iron/hair dryer
  • A library
  • table tennis room

To our guests

We think that vacation here on the island is communication with Baikal, nature and people. There are no discos here, but we like live music. Don’t forget to bring your guitar with you and remember favorite songs.

We don’t drink alcohol and alcohol among our guests is not welcomed on the property.

We kindly ask you not to smoke in your rooms as they are equipped with smoke detectors. It’s better to do it outside.

Decorations with meaning
Thyme Soap
Natural cosmetics
Home decor
Baikal ceramics
Herbal teas
Buryat porcelain
Non spun socks
Hemp Hats
Felted slippers