Art Residence

Art-residence in Nikita’s Homestead

The residence is located on the island of Olkhon, the only inhabited island of Baikal.
Most questions are solved on request individually:

We provide accommodation and meals on the territory of the manor of Nikita Bencharov, at the disposal of the residents of the halls and technical resources of the residence.

Here are some possible formats for participation:

1. Individual concerts in Irkutsk, concerts in Olkhon.
2. Master classes (piano).
3. Joint concerts with Irkutsk musicians (Olkhon, Irkutsk)

1. A training course in Khuzhir with a reporting exhibition. Accommodation on average – 1 week.
2. Master-class for local residents, stay 2 days.

Preference is given to masters who are ready to work with the context of Olkhon Island.

To the artists-recyclers:
1. Implementation of a rec-project in Khuzhir on. Olkhon.
2. Objects created during the implementation of the project are transferred to the ownership of the residence.

To volunteers:
1. Participation in art-residence projects.
2. Participation in the work of the Manor.