We offer our guests accomodations in typical Russian wooden houses, heated with electricity or chopped wood, in traditional russian stove. Unless you would prefer your own room, people tend to stay in rooms for two. Single occupancy is possible (see "Prices"). We have houses with two rooms, as well as houses for larger groups.

Our homestead has two banyas in estate. We charge 1000 roubles per hour until four persons.

We believe that your stay on the island is first of all an encounter with the mighty Lake Baikal, with the nature and other people. There are no discos here, but live music is always welcome ! Don't forget your guitar and sing your favorite songs !

We do not drink alcohol and do not support excessive consumption. Thus, in principe, we do not sell spirituous. If you want to buy some, you can get that in any shops in Khuzhir.

We do not smoke and ask you not to smoke in the rooms, but outside.