Social initiatives

In 2001, the Olkhon children’s organization ‘Berkut- A New Baikal Generation’ was founded. As part of the organization’s ‘New Generation’ initiative, the following projects have been implemented in the Khuzhir area in recent years-   

Environmental projects

Organized clean-ups on the island have been taking place for many years now, alongside related regional competitions and hiking trips. In 2004, a grant was awarded to fund "Clean Olkhon’, a project that focused on clearing up the rubbish dumps surrounding the village of Khuzhir. A significant number of local people got involved with this project, especially youngsters and teachers from the village’s high school. Together, they took part in the litter pick on the island, whilst also helping to organize games, competitions and hiking trips, all with the goal of drawing attention to the wider problem of waste management on the island. Later, the group "New Generation" became a partner in the "Clean Baikal" initiative, a project that was successful in installing litter bins across the island. On the ferry that connects Olkhon with the mainland, a ridgepole was installed where the winners of the childrens poster competition "We want to live pure" had their works exhibited, the aim being to draw tourists’ attention to the problem of garbage collection in remote areas.

The project succeeded in removing the rubbish dumps, whilst a separate collection of waste glass was also successfully organized. During that year, around 10 lorry-loads of refuse left the island, whilst 7 lorry-loads of glass bottles were recycled.  The project was developed and supported by the local administration, which to this day works with the national park and volunteers to carry out clean-up operations on the island.

Artistic projects


Over the years we have organized many artistic events, including theatrical spectaculars and childrens art exhibitions. In addition, we have organized numerous trips for local children to travel abroad, including to China, France, Germany, Poland, and Mongolia.

In 2012, in partnership with the district administration, we opened up a new music academy in Khuzhir, with 17 children currently on the school’s books. In the last few years, our music scholars have won numerous awards, including the regional piano duet competition "Olkhon Lyra" twice. Children from the academy also took second and third place in the recent 2014 regional competition for young composers.